Its always been show time!

For years there has been an underground battle with in the TV industry, that very little people think about. In the 2007-08 prime-time Television season, females contained 43% of all characters, which was a slit increase from the 2006-07 prime-time Television season. If we take a look back to 1996-96 females in television where at 37%.  In the following years 2000-05 there had been a 42% increase of women working, writing, performing and producing TV shows. In any case, as females contain 51% of the U.S. populace, they still stay under-spoke to in prime time. Slowly but surely the industry is changing.  The most important thing is know how much women have influenced the TV industry.


Female characters were most likely to play parts in dramatizations and reality programs and less likely to play parts in comedies. About (45%) of female characters played parts in dramatizations and 45% played roles in reality programs. Just 10% of female characters showed up on comedies. Male characters were destined to play characters in dramatizations (51%), in reality programs (38%), and  comedies (11%).

Gender roles have also been one of the most talked about issues in the TV industry.  Many issues are rooted to the marketing of products and the writing of the characters.  Many of the roles played by females were not the true representation of the real word woman.

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