Battling Edema in the Early Stages


In todays world ergonomics can help relieve swollen ankles.

What is Edema?

  • Edema is swelling in any portion of your body due to a build up of water and protein.
  • Lower extremity edema is most prevelant
  • Primary onset symptoms are treated with elevation, compression stockings and proper nutrition coupled with exercise.
  • Stages are 0, 1, 2, 3 (stages 2 and 3 require aggressive medical interventioon.
  • March is National World Lymphedema Month
  • March 6 is National Lymphedema Day
  • There is no cure for Lymphedema at this time.
  • Lymphedema is the “Hidden Epidemic”



How to Manage Edema at Early Onset!

  1. Exercise, proper nutrition and footwear are the easiest ways to begin.
  • Exercise can help prevent a multitude of problems from an accummulation of edema in your legs.
  • Current research indicates that exercise and proper nutrition coupled with proper footwear and compression stockings can regress the accummulation of fluid your body retains.
  • Your lymphatic system runs parallel to your circulatory system and acts as a filter for all the toxins we process every day.


2) Educate your self about the types of edema and prevention

  • The brief video above discusses how fluid originates and transports throughout your body.
  • For further information you can read several studies by Dr. & Mrs. Etelka Foldi, founders of the first Lymphedema Clinic In Germany.

3) Rest, Elevate, and Drink lots of Water  (Simple Fixes)

There are several schools of thought but for simple edema control this is the easiest.  Once you have consulted your physician, educate yourself and follow these simple rules.

Now What?

The suggestions above were just that suggestions.  They are simple and free of charge.  If you see no change, communicate and advocate for another review of your symptoms with your physician.  While there is little known around the world about edema/lymphedema there is a movement of interested practitioners and patients who are advocating for insurance reimbursement, educated physicians and fair treatment in Washington.  Be one of those advocates.


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