Dangers Of Vaping

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Every smokers and new smokers seems to be picking up the habit of vaping because of the claim that vaping is safe compared to smoking an actual cigarette. According to (Friedenberg, L, MA and Smith, A. G 2019) “Since e-cigarettes, vape pens, and other similar devices hit the U.S. market several years ago, their popularity has skyrocketed. (p.1)

What Are The Risk Factors Of Vaping?

New medical problems linked to vaping has been circulating the media recently. Due to those new medical problems, it is no longer considered safe to vape. According to Raloff (2015) Many teens who vaped started feeling dryness and itching in their throat. “Some said that vaping made them cough or choke and that their mouths bled.” (p.3)

There have also been several deaths of young teens who were known to vape on a regular basis. According to the U.S. health officials and the media, those deaths were caused by lung illnesses which were linked to vaping. There were more than 450 lung illnesses that were reported thought out several states in the U.S. in recent months (Cunningham, A 2019).

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During a study that was conducted by Irina Petrache of the Indiana University in 2014, lab animals were intentionally given nicotine and e-cigarette liquids in order to research the end results of the exposure. The results caused increased oxidative stress and buildup inflammatory cells in the lungs of the animals. The inflammatory later affected the lungs. The study also suggested that once nicotine or acrolein liquids in e-cigarette are inhaled through vaping, they cause the cells of the lung to malfunction which makes the user sick. In The end, it was concluded that vaping is no less dangerous than smoking and that it is just as bad as smoking. (Raloff, J, 2015) (p.2).


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