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This is a few of the new CW network

This is a few of the new CW network

A lot of TV to day has a started to create a good balance of male and female heroes, anti heroes, villains and anti villains .  New show like Arrow, The Flash, Modern Family and Fresh of the Boat just to mention a few.  These shows have shown grate deal of balance and improvement of developing more divers and dynamic characters.  Both men and women in these shows play such an important role in their respectable shows.

With a lot of the new shows on the CW network, we get to see some really strong male and female characters that play huge roles most of them are lead or support roles.  They all show the characters in stressful situations and we watch how they over come adversaries.  The one thing that is important in these shows is the amount of team work that is shown in each episode.  Even though the each character has their own strengths they always find the best and perfect way to balance each other.


For a show like Arrow, the super hero team of, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Girl, Speedy and Over watch they have a strong team dynamic of both female and male heroes.  I like that there is finally a super hero show with female heroes that make a difference and the younger viewers are learning that it doesn’t matter who or where you are, its important to be strong and stand up for what you believe in.


The CW is changing and for the better, shows like I-zombie is one of the kinds of shows that introduces an anti hero.  The main character is a Zombie eats brains and kicks bad guy ass!  She works in a mortuary and helps the police solve crimes and murders.  As the show develops you will see how much she changes from a shy zombie to brave zombie.


I have to say that people in my life today can be seen to resemble some of the characters in these shows.   Not to the extreme of being a zombie, but with straight and courage that is shown in their every day life.  The amount of work people put behind to help and support themselves and others.


I have to say someone in my family that reminds me of the Green Arrow is my Uncle, very head strong and straight to the point.  Arrow has very strong strong leadership skills and my uncles is the same he always finds a way to bring the family together and always has a plan of action that leaves everyone with a feeling a safety and relief.

Arrow -- "Green Arrow" -- Image AR401B_0052b -- Pictured: Willa Holland as Speedy -- Photo: Dean Buscher /The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

I have a friend of that has a story similar to the story of Speedy the super heroin in Arrow.  Both of them had very difficult lives growing up, they had father issues and trying to find them selves in a world.  They one thing that unites these two people is there resilience and bravery.  They take on challenges head on with every bit of straight they have, over coming and achieving impossible goals.


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Measure of A man


Week 2 Part 2

For thousands of years the men have been looked at or give a predestinate roll to play in the game of life.  Ideas and thoughts on how a man should be and act has infected people though out the word.  When life first started men where the hunters that ventured and brought food home.  Since people back in the day lived in small groups or colonies it was always the men that went out in to the wilderness.  And today that idea still lives on, pushing and driving society to live a certain way. Its time that we evolved and bettered ourselves for the worlds sake.  Man is in need for more understanding and overall understanding of equality.


I feel like its very important that we as a race understand that evolution is important for our growth as a world.  Getting over all the false ideals of human behavior is important and also go going further and growing spiritually.